هذه الامور اريد ان اظهر لك
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Dakota Sillyman
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Beirut, where the ❤ is

yup, mine too - missing my husband and Lebanon
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Melanie Day
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Raouche [1950s]
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It got a little stormy in NYC today.
I set up this time lapse at my window in park slope in anticipation of the storms. I left to get some food and I came back to catch the onset. I snapped a whole lot more photos when I was there. that is what gives the “slow mo” effect at the end.
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A Lebanese fighter plays the piano in a house his forces have recently taken over during the 1975-90 civil war. محارب لبناني يعزف البيانو في بيت استولت عليه قواته خلال الحرب الأهلية ١٩٧٥-١٩٩٠.
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Laurence ghost/sunset, 2009
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The Great Pyramids of Giza, as you’ve never seen them before — at the edge of a sprawling metropolis and the vast desert.